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At Connection, we've been investing in & managing property in and around Chelmsford since 2003 and developing property since 2018. We've owned studio flats to 15 person multi-let HMOs, completed light refurbishments and built houses. We've built-to-keep and built-to-sell, we've self-financed, bridged, raised development finance and borrowed from (returning with healthy profits) private investors. We're always happy to talk property, if you have a project you'd like to discuss then please get in touch.


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At Connection, we work with:

House sellers - to buy properties that are unmortgageable or in other difficulties. 

Landowners - either to buy land or to joint venture on development projects.

Landlords - managing property for other landlords on a guaranteed rent basis.

Investors - either portfolio-building partnerships for the long term or on a project by project basis.


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