Connection Property Investment - Sources Below Market Value property in need of major work. We will re-build, extend, refurbish and bring the property back to the market and let out either for our own portfolio or an investor partner as part of a portfolio building partnership.



Providing fixed returns on your investment secured against our existing property portfolio.


Buying below market value property and adding value through our in house construction division before re-financing at the new market rate. We can secure Buy to Let property while recovering all or the majority of the money invested providing high or infinite returns on capital invested.


Buying land or distressed property with development potential and building new properties to either be sold or retained. When applied correctly, the uplift in value at refinancing adds property either into our own or investment partners joint buy to let portfolios or the properties can be sold for a clear profit.


Using private funds allows us to buy cash which is an appealing prospect for a seller and avoids the additional costly fees associated with traditional development finance while building lasting relationships with our finance partners.

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Share in the long term profits of Buy-to-Let

Our investment partners have capital to invest but don’t have the time to research, identify, refurb, extend or convert and then manage rental property.

With 16 years property experience, we source off-market or below market value property and through our dedicated in-house construction company we manage all sizes of refurb, renovation, extension or conversion projects giving us the ability to add enough value back into a building to recycle all or the majority of the funds back out providing excellent returns.

Partnering to form a dedicated company owned 50/50, our partners fund the purchase and the refurb, we source the right deal, carry out the work required and manage the refinancing, returning all or most of the funds within less than 12 months with an appreaceating, cash producing asset to be shared 50/50 once every penny of the initial capital has been returned to our investor partner.  


240k 5 Bed HMO, purchased off-market for 175k, + 10k fees + 35k refurb = 220k to be funded. Remortgaged to 75% of the market value of 240k returns 180k leaving 40k of the investor partners funds left in the deal.

As an HMO with a profit of 20k per year the remaing 40k will be repaid in 24 months.

The 40k investment to return 20k per annum repersents an Return On Capital Expendature of 50%

That's 81% of the original investment repaid upon refinancing, after final 19% is returned to the investment partner all remaining rental profits and capital appreciation are shared 50/50 reperesenting an infinate return on a relatitively hands free investment.   



Connection Property, 127 Lucas Avenue, Chelmsford, CM2 9JP

0330 311 0200


0330 311 0200

Connection Property, 127 Lucas Avenue, Chelmsford, CM2 9JP

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