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We offer a discrete, private way to sell your house fast, with none of the stress or hassle of the open market - a guaranteed sale to your timeline.



  • A Break in a Property Chain – has your buyer pulled out last minute? – A fast sale will hold your chain intact and the reduction can be passed up the chain by your agent with minimal impact on the whole chain keeping the whole process intact.

  • Divorce – need a fast exit from your joint property? – A fast sale will bring a quick exit and an end to any unpleasant dealings with former partners.

  • In debt – Credit Cards, Bills and other expenses racked up, facing repossession? – A fast sale will provide the boost of cash needed to clear any urgent bills and free you of the mortgage.

  • Downsizing – Found the house you want but struggling to sell? - A fast sale will free up the cash needed for your purchase with no more agents, viewings or chains. Working to your purchase timeline, ready when you’re ready, reliant on no one else.

  • Relocation – Moved for work, family or retirement and stuck with the house? - A fast sale will free your time and cash to make the clean break and start your new life in your new location.

  • Upsizing - Found the house you want but struggling to sell and need to release the cash? - A guaranteed sale will free up the cash needed for your purchase while offering a completion date of your choice with no relying on chains and other buyers and sellers, any of which may pull out at any time.

  • Probate – A death is hard enough to process without the added pressure of paying the mortgage payments on the deceased property and inheritance tax to be paid. – A fast sale allows the value of the estate to be shared amongst family members as quickly as possible.

  • Tenant Issues – Been unlucky enough to have a nightmare tenant, or, in the reverse, been blessed with a tenant you don’t want to disrupt? – We will take a problem tenanted property or guarantee a good tenant remains well looked after with a fast, guaranteed house sale.

  • Poor Property Condition – Mortgage companies have strict criteria when it comes to lending. It's not uncommon for mortgage companies to refuse to lend if a kitchen or bathroom is in disrepair. A mainstream lender refusing to lend can freeze out 99% of the market - We can buy unmortgageable properties, our financing methods are completely separate from the mainstream lenders - A Fast Sale will allow you to still move or escape a problem property without relying on mainstream buyers. 



  • Local – We are a local company working in the local property, you'll only deal with a director of our business. No call centres, no faceless corporate type operation.

  • Fast – We can have a director of the company at your property the same day to understand your specific situation, putting our team into action immediately and be moving your sale forward in hours of enquiry.

  • Efficient – We are specifically set up to step in and complete house purchases that have fallen through for any reason. We have the funds in place and the team in place now to help. 

  • Stress-Free – Our first action will be to understand your unique situation and help, we'll take over your purchase with our expert team. You can relax knowing everything is in hand and you have people working with you to get you to where you need to be. Now there are no more chains there is no chance the deal will collapse.

  • Guaranteed – We will guarantee to buy your property fast or as fast as you need. If you've suffered a break in a chain or a buyer pulling out you can relax. We will see your sale to us through to completion - that's our guarantee to you. We will also guarantee you that the price offered will be the price paid - there will be no last-minute reductions. 

  • Hassle-Free – We will take the hassle out of selling, moving to your timeframe, no one rushing you, no one sitting outside of your house on completion day. No need to dress your property, redecorate or make a fuss of any kind. 

  • Discreet – You will be selling to us direct, no one else will be involved, no viewings, no more strangers traipsing around and poking around the house, no agents, no boards, no advertising, no one needs to know - just a quick fast sale to us directly.  

  • Flexible – Need a day or two after completion - no problem. Need a specific date - no problem. We’ll work to your timeline, around your requirements Supporting in any situation. 

  • Freeing – A Fast Sale to us guarantees freedom from any property you may have become trapped by, we can financially free you from debt. We can free you from the burdens associated with the property, mortgages & bills quickly and to your timeframe.



  1. Contact us via the form below or call 0330 311 0200 (local rate number)

  2. We'll arrange to meet you at the property to do our own in-house survey and valuation of the property. Remember you don't need to do any work for us, we'll buy in any condition.

  3. You'll receive a written offer from us - the price we'll offer to guarantee you a no-nonsense, no fuss, fast and 100% reliable sale to your timeline.

  4. Once accepted we'll engage our specialist fast-acting solicitors to push for an exchange to your timeline. We'll complete when you are ready - on your terms.

  5. We'll complete on the date of your choosing, funds are released and you are free from your property problems.



Connection Property, 127 Lucas Avenue, Chelmsford, CM2 9JP

0330 311 0200

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