Rent Guarantees without a flimsy Insurance Policy

We have been self-managing our own portfolio for 16 years, HMO’s and single lets in and around Chelmsford. We also manage the portfolios we share with our Portfolio Building Partners. We aren’t traditional letting agents, we are Landlords ourselves which makes our Guaranteed Rent offering a little different.

Traditional agents offer Guaranteed Rent through a Guaranteed Rent Insurance - you pay a monthly fee towards a Guaranteed Rent Insurance Policy, once your tenants have fallen at least one month behind you can claim on the Rent Guarantee Insurance which will continue to pay for a fixed period of 6 -12 months.



Do you rely on a guaranteed rental figure arriving each month, on a fixed, guaranteed date?

Is your Chelmsford property out of area for you? 

Are you looking for long term capital appreciation as your investment strategy and don’t want the hassle of managing the property or estate agents?

Do you want to avoid Voids, Evections, Damage to the Property, Maintenance, Boilers and dealing with tenants issues?


Connection Property Management Guarantees your Rent by taking on your property on a long term commercial lease agreement and we’ll become the landlord - you only deal with us for the term of the lease. We’ll take full responsibility for the property, we’ll use our 16 years letting experience, local knowledge to get the right tenants for the property, our in-house Construction Company and Maintenance teams we manage all maintenance issues. We’ll find the tenants, manage the tenants, their rent will be paid to us - we’ll pay you directly. 

Our existing portfolio will cover any voids or required evections - if we have long voids or have to evict, we’ve failed in our job and we’ll suffer the loss - not an offer you’ll get from an agent.

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We don’t charge a fee to manage your property - a letting agent will.

No agency commissions, no tenant find fees - agents are incentivised to see a higher tenant turnover, collecting fees each time.

No monthly Rent Guarantee Insurance fees - no waiting for an insurance-based Rent Guarantee scheme to payout. 

No junior staff managing your property and moving on every 5 minutes - you’ll deal directly with our directors. 

You’ll have our direct numbers - no calling into a closed office if you do need us.

Just a guaranteed payment on the date you were expecting for the amount you were expecting every month for the length of the agreement.  



Connection Property, 127 Lucas Avenue, Chelmsford, CM2 9JP

0330 311 0200